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Real Visits

from real visitors

Geo Targeting

from selected zones

Push Messages

to all visitors

Safe Advertising

for everyone

What is it...

Cloud based advertising exchange network designed to help you promote your business by increasing the number of visitors that actually view your websites without breaking any 3rd party policies.

How it works...

For every second you spend visiting other members websites, others will visit yours for at least the same amount of time! Guaranteed, Unlimited and Unrestricted visitors!

Pages per visit

Advanced A.I.

Normal Visits & Safe Views

Seconds minimum visit

100% Safe

  • Alexa & Google Friendly
  • Full AD Ready & Safe – real visitors for real ads
  • NO Proxies – NO ONE is allowed to use proxies or change their IP
  • NO AdBlock – NO scripts or filters are used to block your ads
  • NO Iframes – iframes are against AD networks policies
  • AES 256 Encrypted Traffic

100% Customizable

  • Manual / Auto Visits
  • Unlimited* websites to promote
  • Custom Sources from your website visitors
  • Real Browsers – user agent strings for your visitors
  • Custom Time – minimum time for visitors to stay on your website
  • Extra Tools – access to additional tools and bots

Too good to be true ? Here's some more...

  • All users and websites are filtered by SpamHaus & Google Safe Browsing
  • We took Security through Obscurity and everything is encrypted locally inside each member machine with an AES 256 Bit random key…
  • All members can freely BLOCK a member/website to be displayed on their browser in the future!
  • The more you visit other member’s websites, the more time and credits you earn and more traffic you receive… it’s common sense!

Here's what others have to say...

If you think good traffic is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad to no traffic at all!

I have been doing traffic and social exchange for almost 3 years now and this is probably the most effective tool I have ever used.

Mara A.

Blogger, Long Beach, New York, USA

I am amazed no one thought of this before! I have gotten more and better traffic from you in just a few days than I ever did with others.

Eric W.

Blogger, Nova Scotia, Canada

You guys have just made my day! We’ve been using your service for about one week and already seen our website ranks and earnings increase considerably. Thank you!

Klaudia I.

Affiliate, Munchen, Germany

I found this service on Facebook and have enjoyed it ever since. This is totally fantaaastic, so much of what i need in one place , kudos to all who made this possible.

Bjorn N.

Marketeer, Chicago, IL

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

Simply the thing that I am shall make me live.

William Shakespeare


Service UpTime

AES Random Encryption

Customer Support

Guest Member

3 Ad Campaigns

1 Device

+ 1 : 1 Visit

+ 1 : 10  Time

Premium Member
€7 /Month

10 Ad Campaigns

3 Devices

+ 1 : 2 Visit

+ 1 : 15 Time

Recommended Web ToolSatisfaction GuaranteeNo Setup Fee3Days Money Back24/7 Support99 UpTime

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