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v.2017.1 - March 2017

AdPend 2017.1 – “The Best Of”

  • complete rewrite of AdPend system
  • improved API control
  • increased security
  • new exchange mechanism
  • new dashboard access
  • new control mechanism
v.5.2 - Dec.2015

AdPend v.5.2 codename “Merry Christmas”

  • added Facebook Share
  • added Facebook Like for posts
  • improved dashboard
  • improved AI
  • improved task
  • minor updates and fixes
v.5.0-5.1 - Oct.2015

AdPend v.5.1 codename “MASS EFFECT”

  • removed limit between MANUAL / AUTO mode
  • increased MANUAL view earnings
  • decreased AUTO view earnings
  • improved AI and task mode
  • minor updates and fixes
v.4.1 - v.4.9 Aug - Sept.2015

AdPend v.4.1 – v.4.8 code-name “ONE FOR ALL”

  • added hourly limit for incoming traffic
  • added task mode
  • added task LIMIT for each campaign
  • minor improvements
v.4 july.2015

AdPend v.4 codename “ALL FOR ONE” is a complete system rewrite that prepares support for all platforms.

  • added AdPend Dashboard
  • added Search Engine keyword targeting for Organic Traffic
  • added URL redirect for referrer
  • added custom Push Message for website
  • added Banner Advertising support
  • introducing AdPend A.I. in all modes
  • increased minimum visit time up to 3 minutes
  • improved task exchange support
  • added improved earning ratio
v.3 ian.2015
  • minor bug fixes and improvements
v2.5.5 oct.2014
  • Added selection for number of pages to Auto-Surf
  • PRO members can run more than one account on the same PC
  • LITE members Auto-Surf earnings lowered to 10%
  • minor big fixes
v2.5 aug.2014
  • added up to 3 internal pages surfing for Auto-Surf
  1. 1 page < 30 seconds
  2. 2 pages < 60 seconds
  3. 3 pages > 60 seconds
  • maximum of minimum time is lowered back to 60 secconds
  • minor bug fixes
v2.49 aug.2014
  • FIX “Too many unsuccessful attempts…” – reported by @lazaac, thank you for your support!
  • FIX mobile and tablet view not working for YouTube – reported by @wootwoot, thank you for your support!
  • improved proxy detection – reported by @wwwcom, thank you for your support!
  • fixed minor bugs and improved stability
v2.48 may.2014
  • Server Side Daily Limit Protection (estimates and bans the user if the maximum possible points per day are reached)
  • added CAPTCHA to Manual Surf and MACRO PROTECTION
  • RUN ONLY ONE application at the same time. (new opened application closes the previous one automatically)
  • PROXY PROTECTOR (application closes if proxy detected)
v2.45 feb.2014
  • Increased Stability and Speed
  • GENERAL SETTINGS was moved to the front UI (RED TAB)
  • changed .txt file support for sites and referrers with UI Fields
  • Improved RANDOM TIME Selection
  • ADDED Tablet and Mobile Browsers
v2.0 dec.2013
  • Increased Stability and Speed
  • Improved Encryption Algorithm
  • added ALEXA Ranks
  • added Google Page Rank
  • Improved UI
v1.0 aug.2013
  • Initial Release

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