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How does AdPend Network actually work?

Simple, for every visited website you will receive 1 credit and up to 100%  of the visited time in manual mode or up to 50% if in auto mode (in seconds). Each credit you receive it means you can receive another visit back to yours depending on the time you have available on your website.

  • each time you LIKE a website, you will earn one REPUTATION point (abuse not allowed)
  • each time you REPORT a website, you will earn one REPUTATION point (abuse not allowed)
  • each time you OPEN a websits, you will earn one REPUTATION point
What does a LIKE means for a website?

When one of your campaigns receives a LIKE it will increase the amount of visits it receive!

i.e the more your visitors LIKE one of your websites, the more priority and visitors it receives.

What does a REPORT means for a website?

If you do not like a website or consider it unsafe and want to BLOCK it to not see it anymore, you can REPORT it and also moderators will take a look at it.

Also, when someone REPORTS a website then that website will lose priority and it will slowly receive less visitors also depending on how many times people LIKE it too. However, the more reports a website receives, the less visitors it receives and less reputation the website owner loses too.

Can I run more than one software application inside one PC?
NO, you are not allowed to run more than one application at the same time on your PC.
How many websites can i advertise with others?
You can advertise as many websites as you want.
What is an URL Referrer ?

In short, an URL referrer tells analytic services from where your visitor came to your website.

Example or URL Referrers:

For more information please visit:

How much time can a visitor stay on my website?
You can chose the minimum time a visitor MUST stay on your website, and every time one of your websites is advertised, the system will automatically select a time between the interval you have chosen (Min.Time = 10 sec. – Max.Time = 900 sec.)
Can someone know I’m exchanging visits with others?
NO, the entire traffic to and from your PC is encrypted at application level (inside your computer) with two AES 256 Bit random keys before it is sent to our servers and to your visitors! (YOU – SERVER – VISITOR)
Can I block a website if I do not want to visit it again?
YES, if you visit a website that you do not want to visit anymore, you can BLOCK it from future visits.

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